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End-to-end system test for a 20 km flight

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

It has been a long time already. Today we tested the system at a 20 km flight.

We've found software bugs, which we are going to be fixed in the coming weeks.

We are also preparing for sending test samples to potential customers. Who's interested, please send us a personal email.


Transmission to a vee antenna

Reception on the antenna panel "patch panel"

7 MHz channel banwidth

Output power 31.5 dBm

1.2 GHz carrier frequency

Today we've declared 20 km range, with some soft optimizations we are planning to bring the system up to 40 km.

PPS signal and a camera on the test device is not the best. But this is a separate story.

The video doesn’t actually have a rassinchron telemetry and image.

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