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A brief specification of Hermes, an UAS video and data-link system.


Transmitter: Designed as an extension board for NanoPI/RPI MiniPC. With a minimal weight and the possibility to add custom software, data and signal processing algorythms. The device can transmit video and any type of RAW data down to a ground station receiver.
For example it can downlink a video stream from an RTSP camera, data stream from UART interface, and a 3D point cloud from a 3D camera.


Receiver: Designed as an extension board for NanoPI/RPI MiniPC. The receiver is capable of operating in a diversity mode in which it's capable of receiving weak downlink signals using both independent RX paths where a maximum ratio combining algorithm is implemented. The devive provides received data streams via an Ethernet or a WiFi link. The receiver module consists of GPIOs to be used it for external auxiliary devices like i.e. antenna tracker. etc.


RF amplifier 1200: Designed to power up an RF signal from the transmitter output. The PA includes an embedded RF filter for channel selection. The RF amplifier is interference-free to a GNSS receiver and an RFD900 module. 33 dBm P1dB output power at -3 dBm drive.

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